Key Elements of Cultural Funerals

Adding multicultural funeral services to funeral homes brings a myriad of benefits to the business, including a broader client base, cultural education, and appreciation for different ethnic practices. First, however, funeral directors need to understand the different cultures before adding them to their packages. Part of such understanding involves learning essential elements of cultural funerals. Notably, the elements have a historical precedent, and cultural funeral ceremonies would lose their meaning without them.

Meaningful Ways to Use Cremation Remains

Fulfilling the funeral wishes of a loved one is something families take seriously. Therefore, if your loved one requests that they wish to be cremated upon their passing, it is essential to grant the last wish. Sadly, many people do not know what to do with a loved one's cremation remains and end up leaving them in an urn. While it is okay to keep cremation remains in an urn, you need to understand that you have options.

How to Add a Little Humour to Your Funeral Service

A funeral service is a tough subject for one to think about. If you're planning your own funeral, you may be worried about it being too depressing and dark. This article offers tips on how to handle this difficult time in a more thoughtful way by adding humour and joy to the proceedings. If you're looking at funeral services as something that can make for an irrelevant and awkward occasion, think again!

Do You Need to Arrange a Funeral Service?

No-one likes the thought of planning a funeral, but it is a task that most people will need to face at some point. When it comes to planning the service, points that you may want to consider include whether you want the service led by a religious figure or a representative of a secular organisation. You may even want to lead the service yourself. In terms of the service, you have a lot of freedom, you can even forego the service entirely if you wish, your local funeral home can explain what is needed.