Planning Your Own Funeral? What To Include In The Planning

If you're making changes to your estate plan, don't forget about your funeral. Many people leave the funeral planning to their loved ones, but that's not the best plan. First, your loved ones might not be in any condition to plan your funeral, especially while they're grieving. Second, your loved ones might not have the funds to pay for your funeral, especially if you pass away unexpectedly. Finally, your loved ones might not know what you want for your funeral, especially if you've never discussed your wishes with them.

How to Stick to a Budget When Purchasing a Grave Monument for Your Parent

After a parent has passed away, you have to think about things like purchasing a headstone or grave monument for them. Even though you might wish you had more money to spend on commemorating your loved one's life, you might be handling your loved one's funeral and purchasing their grave monument on a budget. It's possible to purchase a nice grave monument for your loved one without breaking the bank if you keep these tips in mind while you're making this important purchase.