How to Add a Little Humour to Your Funeral Service

A funeral service is a tough subject for one to think about. If you're planning your own funeral, you may be worried about it being too depressing and dark. This article offers tips on how to handle this difficult time in a more thoughtful way by adding humour and joy to the proceedings.

If you're looking at funeral services as something that can make for an irrelevant and awkward occasion, think again! This article will show you how funerals don't need to be just another boring and depressing event and offer up some strategies on how you can add life and laughter into what's meant as a final celebration of life.

1. Plan the Funeral Service Around Your Personality

If you're a sports fan, plan the funeral service around the team you like to support. For example, request flowers in the colours of your favourite team, have balloons in their colours and plan a viewing before the funeral services where people can say goodbye. If you like certain foods, make those foods available at the funeral service. This can help create a sense of familiarity and comfort and make people feel more relaxed and comfortable during this sad time.

2. Record a Humous Goodbye From Beyond the Grave

One way of really injecting some fun into your funeral is to record a goodbye message that can be played during the funeral service. Doing this not only gives you the chance to say some final goodbyes to those you love, but it is also a great chance to lighten the mood by telling a joke or recounting a funny family story. The video recording can also be cherished by family and friends who wish to have a lasting memory that they can revisit from time to time.

3. Play a Practical Joke

If you really want to push the boundaries, you could set up a practical joke. For example, you could follow the lead of a man who recorded audio that played on a speaker hidden inside his coffin. During the service, mourners were surprised to hear the dead man's voice demanding to be left out of the coffin as it was too dark. While this kind of thing can be very funny, it is important to consider the potential impact it could have on more sensitive members of the funeral service.

If you would like further advice about planning your funeral, contact a funeral director today.