How to Plan a Funeral for a Military Veteran

Planning a funeral for a military veteran can be an incredibly emotional experience. Not only are you mourning the loss of someone you love, but you are also honouring the service and sacrifice of an individual who dedicated their lives to protecting their country. This is no small feat, and it is important to ensure that the funeral respects and celebrates the life of this brave individual. Below are some tips on how to plan the perfect military funeral.

Honouring Military Protocol 

The most important aspect of any military funeral is honouring military protocol. It's important to research what type of ceremony is appropriate for your loved one's rank, branch and service history. The Department of Veterans Affairs offers specific guidelines on how to honour different ranks and services with different ceremonies and processions. You should also look into any state or local regulations that may apply as well as any applicable laws or ordinances in your area.

Choose Family Members to Participate in Rituals

Part of properly honouring your loved one involves selecting family members who will participate in certain rituals, such as flag folding, rifle salutes or bugle calls during the ceremony. If possible, try to assign family members who have served in the same branch as your deceased relative or have had close involvement with them in their service career. This will help make sure that all traditions are handled with respect and care.

Involve Your Community

Veterans' organisations often offer support services for bereaved families planning funerals for their loved ones. These organisations can help provide advice about ceremony details and even provide volunteers who specialise in military protocol and etiquette for funerals. Additionally, many veteran organisations can arrange special accommodations such as free transportation for guests or supplies like flags or wreaths if needed.


Planning a funeral for a military veteran can be overwhelming but also fulfilling if done properly — and with enough planning, you can make sure that this tribute honours everything your loved one gave back to our country through their service. Make sure you research appropriate ceremonies according to rank and branch, choose family members wisely who will participate in rituals, and involve your community by reaching out to veterans' organisations that may be able to offer helpful advice and resources. These steps will all contribute towards making this memorial truly meaningful for everyone involved. For further advice, contact a funeral home today.