Meaningful Ways to Use Cremation Remains

Fulfilling the funeral wishes of a loved one is something families take seriously. Therefore, if your loved one requests that they wish to be cremated upon their passing, it is essential to grant the last wish. Sadly, many people do not know what to do with a loved one's cremation remains and end up leaving them in an urn. While it is okay to keep cremation remains in an urn, you need to understand that you have options. This article highlights meaningful things to do with the cremation remains of a deceased loved one.

Plant the Ashes 

If you or your family has a large property and have enough space to plant a tree, you should think about using the cremation remains of a loved one for this purpose. Using the ashes as nourishment for a new plant is the perfect way to give a deceased loved one new life. However, you should understand that pouring cremation ashes directly to the ground to plant a tree can be tricky. Notably, the wrong approach can stop the plants from taking up nutrients from the soil primarily because ash does not decompose well. However, some companies can offer you planting urns to mix your loved one's ashes with plant nutrients. Thus, it allows a plant to grow healthy, giving your deceased loved one new life.

Use the Ashes for Painting 

The same way people use ashes with tattoo ink is the same way you can use the cremation remains of a loved one to paint artwork. Of course, painting with cremation still elicits varying reactions from people who have never heard of this genre of art. However, reservations should not stop you from commissioning a painting where an artist mixes your loved one's cremation remains with paint. Notably, you can paint anything using cremation remains, but the best approach is to paint something your deceased loved one cherished. For instance, you can paint a portrait of the deceased or reproduce their favourite painting. Whichever is the case, ensure that the image makes sense so that you do not regret misusing the ashes.

Turn Ashes Into Coral Reef 

If the deceased was an environmentally conscious individual who loved nature, and particularly the ocean, you should think about turning their ashes into coral life. In fact, it is perhaps one of the best ways to use cremation ashes, given that Australia is home to the world's largest coral reef systems. Reputable environmental conservation companies can mix cremation ashes with a special kind of concrete to make an artificial coral reef. Encouraging marine life growth is an excellent way to honour a departed loved one.

For more ideas on what to do with cremation remains, contact a local funeral home.