How to Stick to a Budget When Purchasing a Grave Monument for Your Parent

After a parent has passed away, you have to think about things like purchasing a headstone or grave monument for them. Even though you might wish you had more money to spend on commemorating your loved one's life, you might be handling your loved one's funeral and purchasing their grave monument on a budget. It's possible to purchase a nice grave monument for your loved one without breaking the bank if you keep these tips in mind while you're making this important purchase.

Choose a Smaller Monument

It's often a good idea to purchase a smaller grave monument rather than a really big one. There are a couple of reasons why this is usually a good idea. For one thing, you can choose a smaller monument to stick to a budget, since smaller grave monuments are usually quite a bit cheaper. Plus, many cemeteries have restrictions about how big grave monuments can be anyway, so you might not be able to purchase a bigger monument, even if you wanted to. Of course, you'll need to check with the cemetery to find out about their size restrictions, and you'll need to compare pricing on the grave monuments of different sizes, both of which can help you make a more informed decision.

Purchase from the Funeral Home or Cemetery

You can typically purchase a grave monument for your parent from anywhere that you want, and if you have a specific person or company in mind to make your loved one's monument, then you might want to shop with them. However, if you go through the funeral home that is hosting your loved one's funeral or the cemetery where they will be buried, you might find that they will offer you a discounted rate due to the fact that you are using their other services. Additionally, you might find that it will be easier for you to go with one of these companies when purchasing a grave monument.

Choose a Granite Headstone

Headstones can be made from a variety of different materials. If you'd like a relatively budget-friendly option, then consider granite. Many industry professionals prefer granite headstones anyway because they are long-lasting and look great. In fact, some cemeteries require them. Therefore, even though you might want to choose a granite grave monument for budgeting reasons, you might still find it's the best choice for your loved one's gravesite anyway for other reasons.