Unique Memorial Options for Your Family Burial Site

Many families have what they call a family burial site. This is usually a site that has several members of the same family buried in adjoining gravesites. Though every grave has their own headstone, many families are now opting for family memorials. This stone can be placed in the corner or centre of the family burial site. Since this is a new idea for many people, here are some ideas for that memorial and what you should know about each option.

Bench Memorials

Bench memorials are fairly easy to have created and installed. The benches can feature the family name and offer a place to sit, visit, and reflect at the burial site. These types of memorials can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Some feature detailed sketches and designs that mean something to the family while others are a simple granite bench with the family name. You can have family crests added and even have the top of the bench feature the names of those who have passed, adding to it as other family members pass and are buried at the site. 

Shadow Memorials

One of the more unique options for family memorials is a shadow memorial. These memorials are sometimes called sunlight memorials. The monuments feature cut-outs and designs that, when the sun shines through them, cast an image onto the slab or ground below. This image can be a simple beam of light or can be an elaborate family crest. Most cemetery monument and memorial headstone masons can create a design that works with most ideas you have in mind. 

Faith-Based Memorials

Some families may go with a simple show of faith to be the family burial site memorial. This can be a cross, Celtic cross, star of David, or other religious symbol. In some faiths, a simple full tree with the names of the family underneath is ideal. If you have a particular faith-based memorial in mind, your memorial mason can give you some ideas and can work with those basic ideas to create something that is more unique for your family. 

If any of these options sound ideal for your memorial plans, contact your local funeral home or monument dealer. They can direct you to the best options for your needs and to monument and memorial masons that work with the particular funeral home and their clients. They can also answer questions about special orders and any other related questions you will have.