2 Ways to Make Your Cemetery Monument a Little Different

Many people wish to make plans for their funeral before they pass away so that the process of saying goodbye to a loved one is less stressful. Not having to worry about planning the location or method through which the funeral service will be completed means that those that you leave behind can focus on dealing with their grief and supporting each other.

As well as specifying if you would like to be buried or cremated and stating the location in which you would like the service to take place, you may also wish to leave instructions about the type of cemetery marker you would like. While traditional grave markers are made of rectangular blocks of stone, you may wish to opt for something a little different.

A digital grave marker  

The digital revolution doesn't stop once you are dead. A company based in Seattle has pioneered the use of using Quick Read (QR) codes on grave markers. A QR code consists of a rectangular image which contains a pattern of black and white squares. This pattern can be scanned using a smartphone which will read the pattern and convert it into digital information. This information can redirect the phone's web browser to a website which contains details and photographs which tell the story of your life and your impact on the world. The webpage may even contain an area where people can leave messages of remembrance.

A bespoke shape

When you are thinking about the type of monument you wish to have placed over your body or ashes, you are not limited to choosing standard shapes or designs. It is now possible to have a grave marker carved into a range of specialist designs which reflect your personality or interests. For example, if you are really into cars, you may wish to have a monument made which is in the shape of your favourite car and which has information engraved on the roof surface. If your favourite TV show is Star Trek, you could have a headstone made in the shape of the famous badge worn by the characters in the show. Planning to have a bespoke cemetery monument made can help to capture something about your character, which will bring comfort to those that mourn your passing.

If you would like to find out more, you should contact a local funeral service about cemetery monuments and grave markers.